Our Expertise

Commercial Awnings - Types of Structures


  • Backlit --  Backlit awnings are a unique combination of a lighted sign and an awning together in one. They provide your business with lighted signage noticeable during both day and night. In addition, backlit awnings provide added protection from the elements and the harsh sun. Available in an almost limitless amount of styles, designs, and graphic possibilities, backlit awnings ensure your business will stand apart from the rest. 
  • Staple Systems --  A staple system awning is a combination of a fabric and an aluminum frame structure. This in turn provides you with an attractive tight and wrinkle free awning. Steel stitch aluminum extrusions are the leader in the industry for staple system awnings. We at E. W. Brown Inc. are certified steel stitch manufacturers. 
  • Entrance Canopy & Walkways -- Entrance canopies are also known as walking canopies. They are a stylish way to distinguish your main entrance or doorway. With pressure sensitive or hand painted graphics you can easily alert customers to the entrance while offering them protection from the elements. Click on our work below to view the variety of shapes and styles. 
  • Personalized Shapes & Designs --  This includes window and door awnings and any other application you may desire. We at E. W. Brown Inc. pride ourselves on customized manufactured awnings. We can design a custom shape specifically to fit your individual needs. 

Key Considerations


  • We are blue-book listed and willing to work with your architect and designer.
  • We can include your logo on any type of awning or we can even help design one for you.

Fabric Selections

  • We proudly use Sunbrella fabrics for all of our awnings. From an assortment of solids, stripes, and textured fabrics we can help you find the best complementary colors and patterns.